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> online reservations and payments

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NEW! Now we support ZOOM integration!


Free or paid events.
Individual or registration in group.
Limited or unlimited number registrants.
Fixed start date or a TBC (to be confirmed) date.
Enable or disable registration (display only events).
Use cut off date to stop accepting registration after a certain date.
Use registration start date to only accept registration from a certain date.
Registration handled on-site or on external website.
Private events: Users can only register for the event if they know the event password.
Event can be assigned to multiple categories.

Admin/Manager's back-end dashboard

View registrants list, search for registrant base, filter registrants from a selected event.
Add/edit registration record, add more registrants into an existing group registration.
Approve online and offline payment registration (after receiving payment from registrants).
Export/Import registrants to/from Excel, CSV file.
Sending mass mail to registrants of an event or to selected registrants.
Resend email (in case registrants don't receive it for some reasons).
Checkin registrants, download invoices, tickets, certificates if needed.

Registration fees

The price which registrants have to pay while registering for your event can be configured in many different way.

Single Price: A cost is applied to each participant/user registering to the event.
Group Registration Rate: Determine price for each user depends on number of group members.
Fixed Group Pricing: Fixed price for whole group, not depends on number of group members.


Give discount for your registrants base on user groups they belong to and the date they register for the event

Early Bird Discount: Get discount if register before certain date.
Members Discount: Give discount for users have account on your site and belong to the selected user groups. Each user group can have different discount amount if required.
Bundles Discount: Get discount if registering for all selected events.
Late Fee: Charge additional fee if users register after certain date.

Customizing fee

An unique, very powerful feature allows you to charge registrants different registration fee base on what they choose/enter on registration form. It allows to handle almost all kinds of registration fee calculation.

Single selection (Radio/Single Select). For example, registrant type with 3 options: Adult 100$, Student 90$, Children 30$.
Multiple selections (Checkboxes/Multiple Select). For example: Lunch(+100$), Wifi (+10$).

Customizing info

Create custom fields to collect any information you want from your registrants.

Support 17 field types: Text, Url, Email, Number, Tel, Range, Textarea, List (Select), Checkboxes, Radio, Date, Heading, Message, File, Countries, State, SQL.
Each custom field can be assigned to all, one or several selected events (or categories).
Conditional Fields: Show hide a custom field base on selected value of another custom field.
Custom field quantity: Limit each option in a custom field (Radio, Checkbox, Select, Multiple select) to a certain number you want.

More Features

> Flexible Coupons System
Create coupon codes to give discount to registrants whenever you want.
> Multiple Ticket Types
If it is needed, you can define any number of ticket types for your event. Registrants can select quantity for each ticket type they want to purchase for their registration.

More Features

> Emails Notification
> PDF Tickets
You can config the system to send PDF tickets to registrants when they register for your events.
> PDF Invoices
Generate PDF invoices and send to registrants for paid registrations.

More Features

> Issue Certificates
You can config the system to generate certificates for your registrants of each event. Registrants can download their certificates after the event finished.
> Waiting List
Enable waiting list allows users to join waiting list of an event when it is full.

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