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BSC APEX LLC. is a St Petersburg-based company opened in September 2006 in order to provide a complete range of travel services for individuals and groups coming to Russia.

After several years, we have expanded the scope of our business and began to manage events of different sizes. Initially, we held small events for doctors on requests from pharmaceutical companies but soon began to make large conferences for commercial companies, business, and scientific associations.

At the beginning of 2010, we started developing our own IT product - an online registration system for events, which included the possibility of booking additional travel services. We are constantly improving this system and complementing it with useful functions, such as online reception and review of abstracts. We also have our own modern webinar and online conferencing platform.

Another important area of our business is servicing VIP clients. For quite a long time, we worked closely with the family office of a major businessman and were engaged in servicing his visits to Russia, as well as of his relatives, friends, and business partners. This gave us tremendous experience in understanding the needs of the most demanding VIP customers and helped expand the network of our trusted service providers.

Over the past 3 years, our agency has serviced all away matches of the local "Spartak" basketball team, including arranging air/train tickets, accommodation, meals, and other necessary services.

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